The Age of Cryptocurrency

The age of cryptocurrency : how bitcoin and digital money are challenging the global economic order / Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey PRINT | St. Martin’s Press | 2015 | First edition. Request from SLL Catalog

The Truth Machine

The Truth Machine : the blockchain and the future of everything / Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna. PRINT | c2018 | First edition. Request from SLL Catalog


Blockchain: a practical guide to developing business, law, and technology solutions/ Joseph J. Bambara, Paul R. Allen. PRINT | McGraw-Hill Education | 2018 Request from SLL Catalog

The Blockchain

The blockchain : a guide for legal and business professionals / Shawn S. Amuial, Josias N. Dewey, and Jeffrey R. Seul PRINT | Thomson Reuters | 2016 Request from SLL Catalog

The house of Morgan

The House of Morgan : an American banking dynasty and the rise of modern finance / Ron Chernow. PRINT | Simon & Schuster | 1991, c1990. | 1st Touchstone ed. Request from SLL Catalog

2017 Banking Law Update

2017 banking law update / sponsored by Business Law Section ; co-sponsored by Complex Commercial Litigation. PRINT | Massachusetts Bar Association | 2017 Request from SLL Catalog